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Delayed Birth Registrations 1861-1945


Bacon, J. C.

Carper, James Arthur

Carter, Walter Clifton

Cloyd, Ralph William

Craig, William Joseph

Dyer, William Haskiel

Francisco, Grace Aileen

Gibson, Dollie A.

Henry, Alphus Harry

Lusk, Robert Jacob

McCurry, Alfred Raymond F.

Porter, Minnie Syble

Rodgers, Alfred William

Rodgers, John Thomas

Rodgers, Paul

Taylor, Mary Emeline

Vaughn, Blanche Viola


17 July 1912

03 March 1883

21 August 1912

26 December 1897

22 June 1934

12 December 1912

29 July 1901

17 July 1902

15 August 1911

30 May 1918

10 June 1888

08 October 1918

13 November 1903

18 December 1898

13 August 1913

08 August 1902

22 March 1905


Paul Lee Bacon & Lydia Emmeline Sherfey

Lewis Jefferson Carper & Ruth Annie Early

Leonard Carl Carter & Luna Upchurch

Martin Vanburan Cloyd & Minnie Cooper

Jesse Lee Craig & Vesta Hazel Testerman

Haskiel H. Dyer & Effie Mae Wagner

George Thomas Francisco & Carrie Jane Ball

John P. Gibson & Lucinda A. Hammitt

Not Listed

Fred Lusk & Edith Elizabeth Hopper

John McCurry & Martha Jane Laws

John Thomas Porter & Elizabeth Godsey

John Rodgers & Lola Ann Mauk

John Rodgers & Lola Ann Mauk

John Rodgers & Lola Ann Mauk

Alfred A. Taylor & Jamie Anderson

Samuel Charles Vaughn & Maude Ford

Source: "Delayed Birth Registrations," Knox County Public Library, 1861-1945, online database (http://www.knoxlib.org/local-family-history/resources-research/databases-local : accessed 4 August 2018).


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Washington County is located in the northeastern region of Tennessee.  It is bordered by the following Tennessee counties: Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Sullivan and Unicoi.

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